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English Medium : Co-Educational, Residential Cum Day Boarding: Senior Senior Secondary School Affiliated with CBSE Board

Aims & Objectives

Manav Kendra Gyan Mandir School has been designed to become a pioneer institution in the field of education, art and culture. In addition to academic excellence, the school tries to create an atmosphere conducive to deep inquiry into oneself to enable both the teacher and the student to flower into total human beings. It endeavours to stir and awaken the soul of the student to be in close communion with God through meditation and yet fulfill all worldly obligations in life.

Besides meditation, the children are taught listening to heavenly harmony (the Akhand Arti), the eternal sound current. After they are initiated in the complete Shurti Shabd Prakash Yoga i.e. sound and light yoga. They meditate daily for one and half hours for first hand knowledge and cleansing through divine power. This will promote their inherent goodness and consciousness within and without.

It will help the students to :

  • Develop Guru - Shishya attitude while in school.
  • Provide training in leadership (prefectorial System).
  • Inculcate dignity of labour.
  • Instill a sense of civic, social and moral responsibility.
  • Introduce literature, history and culture of our Mother-Land and at the same time introduce features of the English Medium Public School.
  • Recognize and to encourage talent of all kinds and of all degrees, and to endeavor to stretch the intellectual and creative capacity of individuals.
  • Develop an interest in the process and resources of learning how to learn.
  • Enable children to acquire the tools and qualifications necessary for earning their living and, when appropriate, for entry into skilled occupation and profession.

Meditation is an integral part of our school education.